Chapter 1.

The white powder the only undisturbed witness to what had happened here this evening said offices Janus. What is going on here said ED well he said as he adjusted his blue head gear, Annie was going for a casual walk through Ooster Park on her way back from Parkzijde Bed and Breakfast where she worked. At about five P.M. she was mid way through the Park she decided to take a picture of the “winter wonder land” he went on to say that she claimed Photography was her hobby… Get to the point exclaimed Ed I would like to examine the crime scene. He is not a peoples person whispered a blue eye gray hair officer holding the Police tape  to prevent curious bystanders from tampering all over the crime scene. Get these people out of here said Ed I don’t need this to turn into a circus. Well don’t you want to hear the rest of the story go ahead Janus. Get this she said the victim appeared out of thin air he takes a brief pause. (Dave shows up on the Crime Scene) Who is this, Ed: they are with me they? Oh shit I didn’t see you there (Robert seemed to be standing right next to Dave the whole time) Where did you come from scared the crap out of me. A little jumpy are we officer said Dave. Well we had not seen a murder here in a while kind of gets a man on edge you know? Yeh Yeh. Ed kneels down to inspect the body. There lay a man he looked like he was made of hardened clay all traces of life stripped away by the cold. This is interesting, what is it said Robert. This round was fired point blank, if they get this body to the morgue and test for residue they will find it. How do you know? Asked Dave, well I can smell it. But that’s not all… these burns… around what I must assume is the entry wound were not cause by the bullet. I have no logical explanation for it but possibly he was burned with a torch before he died. I need to question the witness.